How To Draw Up a Perfect Structure for Narrative Essay

The narrative is more commonly known by name "story". In a Narrative essay, the narrator tells a story. The story is generally non—fictional. In a narrative essay, using the first person is acceptable A narrative essay can be experimental, anecdotal thus allows the writer to be more creative. A short story must not be confused with the narrative essay, short stories are fictional and allow the writer to change the plot, and rewrite the story in a different way to expect the story to be a better fit, A narrative essay supports the thesis that you have mentioned in the introduction.

If you have never written a narrative essay and you are worried about it then calm down. Here we are going to help you to draw up a perfect narrative essay,

The narrative essay consists of three parts mainly:- Introduction, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion.

Introduction:— It is written in the first or third person. An intro is like an entrance to a new environment, and if your reader isn’t impressed with it, then he wouldn't want to enter into it. An introduction must be short.
precise, relatable and interesting.

The introduction includes The hook, scene setting, and thesis statement.

You better start your paper with an impressive and catchy statement, that holds the reader for a while. Then provide the necessary information to the reader which will help the reader to understand the story, Like when, where, real or fictional story. Then comes the last part of the introduction, thesis statement, It is different than the argument essay. It may start with the event of the story, or moral of the story or lesson learned, or a theme which connects the story with a universal experience.

Body Paragraph: After completion of the introduction, you need to move to the body paragraph and read my other blog. This is the part where you need to show your creativity, where all the magic happens, where you start, makes an end the narration. A good body paragraph should include relevant details, emotions, interesting, accurate information, detailed description and expressing the words with confidence and right words. Besides the events, you are going to describe it is very necessary to involve the people involved in the same situations.
Also, give a brief description of the personality and physical activity of the characters. Use the paragraph for explaining 'how things happened? who was involved? detailed description? and your own feeling about the event'. It is not necessary to end in a tragic consequence or any unfortunate event. It may end up with the situation leading to some optimistic event. Use some of the supporting evidence, passage time and transition to make it more impressive.

An event must reach the climax or a breaking point which needs detailed description. Also, don't forget to spice it up with emotions and your personal feelings. The climax should be precise. Make it more lovable with use of more powerful words and adjectives to make feel the reader the same emotion and tension you felt. After the climax, you need to go With the resolution whether good or bad. In this part, you write about the resolution of everything. Without this, your narrative essay will be incomplete and all the efforts and hard
work you did up there will be ruined.

Conclusion:— It is the time to conclude whole of your content. It should give moral of the story, significance of the event to the reader and to you. You can use this segment to write about the lesson you have learned, and what changes did the event make in your life.